Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Soundly Awake - Roman Larichev, Chris Colton, Abiah Hostvedt, Talor Cowan, Sung Jin Park, Fran Van Der Geest, Florian Neuville, Jacob Riley & Corey Baptiste by Chirstian Ferretti

I have this dilema, It has happened to me every time I come back from every trip from NYC. I can't fall asleep no matter how tired I am. I tried everything from Meditating, turning off every distractions, listening to music, watching a crappy movie to drinking warm milk. I guess I can alway drink a couple or more glasses of wine but I don't want to be drunk.  Not good, AT ALL. I know what's keeping me awake, I do miss ES and all that sentimental bull. Well it has only been a day so I'm hoping ones I got myself back on the daily grind. It will come, I hope. 

My recent New York trip had been fun. With the blizzard or not. But I really wish that I could have stayed longer this time. Eventhough that the majority of the menswear shows happened over the weekend it would have been nicer if I had extra time to spend with ES. Maybe next time . . . .

I will be writing a Fashion Week Diaries over the weekend, so stay tuned for that.

With that, Happy Hump Day my fashionistos and fashionistas.

In today's post we have an editorial that appeared on the magazine that co-hosted the after party I went to on Sunday with the Dsquared2 duo, Interview magazine. Christian Ferretti photographed the bus load of male models namely Roman Larichev, Chirs Colton, Abiah Hostvedt, Taylor Cowan, Sung Jin Park, Frank Van Der Geest, Florian Neuville, Jacob Riley, and Corey Baptiste for this headphones shoot. Andreas Kokkino styled the boys with pieces by John Galliano, Louis Vuitton, Mark McNairy, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Kenzo to name a handful. 

If you're like me, which I know I'm not alone. We coordinate our iPhone5 cases and headphones with our outfits. I mean I consider them as accessories, really. Honestly with the new headphones, they should really be considered as statement pieces. 

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