Friday, March 1, 2013

I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight - Simone Nobili by Vicenzo Laera

Now that I'm basking under the sun by the time this goes live. I'm just happy that we made the decision to meet in Los Angeles. Making discoveries as we try to get around town but nothing like getting lost together, yes, we got, sort of, lost last night. The only thing that I know, essentially, is to stay away from East LA. Scary.

Speaking of "Died" the other night, while hanging out with my friend's friends who were in town. Something bizarre happened. At the end of the night we had to call an ambulance because we couldn't rouse her from the restroom. I thought she was dead. Apparently she got ruffied according to the nurse yesterday. I was like, wait? What?! Ruffied? What's this like the 90's? Apparently this things happen every night at the area we were out and about. So scary. Moral of the story, don't leave your drinks unattended.

Happy Friday to everybody still working today. 

In today's editorial, we have Simone Nobili as he appeared on the cover of the March issue of Ten Mag. The cover story was photographed by Vicenzo Laera. Nobili donned pieces by Moschino, Prada,  Iceberg and of course Givenchy. I love that dress couch/chair and that cover is just to die for.

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