Thursday, February 7, 2013

Give Me A Reason - Harry Goodwins by Jay Schoen

I have today left before I say, "goodbye SF and hello New York!"I still have a lot of things to do for work before I finally wrap everything up for the weekend. The funny thing about New York fashion week, people always think that it's all glamorous but it's not at all. It may seemed like it's easy but it's not. Getting ready, getting to the venue, posing for street style bloggers, going to "networking" events and finding the time to do all these while being a good significant other and spending time with ES is always a challenge. Especially when we both don't have the time during fashion week. Sometimes I wish I have all the money in the world to just jet set to New York anytime but I don't . . . yet.

Last night while conversing with ES, the subject of going out and hanging out with friends came up. I personally don't mind ES going out with friends but at times I feel like it doesn't go both ways. I'm not a jealous person. I personally think that jealousy is such a waste of energy. So why bother. But I guess all you can really do is trust the other person you're with. Because without trust, it wont work. Love alone can't sustain that relationship. 

In today's editorial we have Harry Goodwins as he appears on the Fashionisto Magazine. Goodwins is photographed by Jay Schoen and styled by Demetrio Baffa Trasci Amalfitani. As Milan as a backdrop, the outfits by Prada, Robert Cavalli and Givenchy truly shined.


Cana Klebanoff said...

Some of the images are not coming up :(

Lexter Marcus T. said...

Hey Cana, apparently all the posts that I did from my iPad had been like that :/ (missing some of the images). I'll try to fix it when I land in NYC. Have a great weekend! :)