Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blizzard - Snow 4 A White Fashion Event Review

By the time this post goes live, Mercedes Benz New York fashion week would be on it's third day. I think it's just ironic that there is a snow storm called . . . wait for it: NEMO. Yes. Well I know that it will be cold but I think it is the first time that it is actually snowing while I'm here. I have to change and forgo a few outfits and shoes because of the snow. They're too precious to be ruined by snow. I wish I have a car service but I don't I have to rely on Taxis and yikes the subway system. Oh well, check on me on Instagram and Twitter if I'm still alive and not buried in snow to follow my adventure for this season's fashion week.

Have a great weekend my fashoinisto and fashionista.

I went to this event a few weeks ago in San Francisco. It's the all-white collections show featuring six great local designers of Bay Area. I should warn you there will be dresses and frills on this post. Don't say I didn't warn you. First of,

Cari Borja's collection is entitled "Rose Snow" and showcased the designer's feathering techniques which are my favorite pieces in her collection. As a collection, I didn't quite get how the menswear piece fit with the rest of looks. While the womenswear are amazing I personally didn't like the huge flowers on the hips. They reminded me of a mother-of-the-bride dress. But hey what do I know, I'm a menswear stylist.

If I could summarize Jake Hall's offerings for Artful Gentleman in one word, Sharp. You know that saying that ones suit is so sharp you fall over, you'll cut your leg off? This is it. The jackets fit the models like a glove. The pants were modern and euro-cut the way I like them. The look that I adore is the one worn by model, Robert Mull. Double breasted vest over a checkered lined single breasted suit jacket. So Dapper! The women in this show are boss! Strong but very sexy.

Julie Schindler's inspiration for her collection are Bonnie & Clyde. I love the feel of the collection. The belted soft trench/long jacket dresses are my favorites. The others were a bit too busy for me. Especially that one look with the see-thru jacket with the capri pants with tie knots on the side, yikes. The one piece with a slight asian inspiration is devine but felt out of place. Remember this is only my opinion, but I feel like that the collection is not bad at all but the styling is a little bit off. Especially the fact that I have seen high caliber shows to local designers shows, styling WILL make or brake your collection.

As one of the designers that I have been looking forward to, Cana Klebanoff delivered. This time with a little less edge but more sporty. The textured white jacket that is worn by model, Hazer Ozcan is just great with its unforgettable neck piece. The womeswear  looks of the collection are good. The gown that closed the show is interesting all because of the details. But the piece that I'm coveting from this collection is the white sheer shirt with the amazing back detail. I WANT IT NOW! Eventhough that piece have these intricate square shapes detailing on the back the piece remained light and flowy. Genius I tell you. It is such a delight and oh-so refreshing to see such an amazing and innovative design from where I live.

Charmosa by Neide Hall consists of sexy swimwear for women. I'm not talking about generic ones from you big box store but the ones that people wear in Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The pretty ones at least. I think the juxtaposition of the tanned models with the white bathing suits with snowflakes is just genius.

The snow queen!!! Joseph Domingo's collection is to die for! The collection exudes drama and Ah-mazing workmanship. The box skirt dress that opened the show is great. I love the gown with the plastic panels that gives the wearer a peek-a-boo effect without being obscene. The sparkly gown with the over the body fur piece is my favorite. Actually, I love every piece because they are all beautiful and I don't even like womenswear. I think that's a talent, when you make somebody interested to something he's not. The styling is on point, remember the Ice Queen from the Narnia movie? That's her! As I'm saying earlier, this is how styling helps your design and not work against you.

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