Monday, January 28, 2013

Runway Monday: Ring of Fire - Givenchy Fall/Winter 2013 -14 review

What a weekend! From the usual hang out with a few great people to the extraordinary like attending the Snow: A White Fashion Event. Such a great show. First and foremost, I would like to thank Cana Klebanoff and Joseph Domingo for inviting me to see the show for the second time. I also would like to thank the guilty parties for making my outfit a possibility. Ti amo, Luisa Via Roma! I guess I should really thank my credit card being able to afford the Givenchy pieces. Coz' they're not cheap! Such a pleasure to sit next to probably one of the most interesting and awe-inspiring person I've sat next to in my runway-watching career, Daphne Evans of the Heaven's Door Cancer Foundation.

BUT I should stop there. I'm not doing my Snow review just yet.  I'm actually starting my Fall/Winter 2013-14 review with no other than, Riccardo Tisci's collection for Givenchy. There is no surprise that I love it and no not because I'm obsessed with Givenchy . . . which I am. But to be fair I'm not in love with every collection that Tisci produces. Exhibit A: Fall/Winter 2013 collection, not so much. In this collection, we are delighted by a collection void of color. Tisci opted for a literally dark collection using blacks and whites and some grays as his color story. Hardware plays a big role this season. Jackets and vests with jarring zippers and strings and how about those shoes with the metal plates. When I saw it, It reminds me of the YSL's from a year ago. Gone were the soft and yet eerie Madonna images that I love. Gone are the skirts/kilts and flowy organza and chiffon long shirts of previous collections only be replaced by puffers tied around  the waist and the photography of Robert Mapplethorpe's kaleidoscope of risque images are on some of the pieces. As always the collection features a great balance of show pieces and amazing tailored pieces.  Leather plays a big role with the outerwear pieces.  I absolutely love those handsome leather duffel coats. I live, LIVE for that sheer blouson. One thing I don't like really are those leather short shorts. Never, EVER will I wear one of those unless it's a trunk swimwear. They're not. Overall, the collection is dramatic and intense. The presentation is on point and the soundtrack is just wonderful. Another job well done from Tisci. 

The candles, the atmosphere and the moment that Simone Nobili walk pass, it's over. I'm slain.  If Givenchy is a religion, then Tisci is my God.

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