Friday, January 25, 2013

Floating - Sebastian Sauve by Nicolas Valois

It has been another busy week at work and I'm glad it's finally Friday. We made it! But I planned a busy weekend for me. Not so much of "work" but I have a few social events to attend to and of course, The Snow: A White Fashion Event tomorrow evening. I just really hope it wont rain. White, new things and the rain does not mix well. Especially The silk chiffon train? No Bueno. I'm excited to say the least. What are your plans for the weekend? I have yet to plan next month's schedule, meaning NYFW meaning UGH! CRAZINESS! At any rate, I hope everybody will have a great weekend. See you on Monday for my first fall/winter 2013-14 review.

Today we have blonde bombshell Sebastian Sauve as he became the face of Brazilian designer, Icarius De Menzes' beautiful silk collection. The images was captured by Nicolas Valois. 

One word to describe the lookbook, Stunning. I love the floating effect with the light fabric, just beautiful. I thought the casting was perfect. 

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