Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trend Thursdays: "Foulard-y" (Foolhardy) Accessory

Louis Vuitton S/S 2011
I had this talk with my bestfriend about this piece that I call Summer scarves. He doesn't think its necessary which I disagree. My bestie is a firm believer that every article of clothing one wears should have a purpose. Well in that case, half of the sh*t I wear, I shouldn't be wearing, (whoops! there goes my high fashion house necklace collection!) Regardless, I think one trend that I like is a light fabric stole or scarf. I'm not telling you to wear the ones that you wear during winter but choose I lighter fabric, satin or perhaps linen and probably it wouldn't be wise to borrow your grandma's silk scarf either no matter what brand it is. Pick out stole that has a good balance of masculine and feminine qualities. Even though that the fabric is feminine pick more masculine colors to balance out the dandy effect of the accessory but hey a little dandy once in a while can't hurt nobody. You can wear the scarf out at night over your plain white Ts or an accent to a linen jacket, in jeans, bermuda shorts or even chinos.

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