Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Y.A.L.A. - Sebastian Sauve by Andoni & Arantxa

Nights like this that I haven't written anything on my blog for a whole week, I wonder how I managed to work, travel, go to the gym, maintain a social life, be in a relationship and write on my blog EVERYDAY. I just don't know anymore. It seemed like this year I barely have enough time in the day for basic things like relaxing or preparing dinner. But I'm not complaining though, this year had been a blast for me. All part of the life of a fashionisto.

I hope everybody had a good Holiday weekend filled with food, booze and of course, shopping.

Today's editorial appeared on the Luisa Via Roma website, one of my favorite online store to shop. It featured top male model, Sebastian Sauve of Soul Artist Management (NY) as photographed by the duo Andoni and Arantxa. Carmel Imelda Walsh styled Sauve with high fashion streetwear inspired pieces by Kenzo, Givenchy, KTZ, Dsquared and Saint Laurent. 

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