Thursday, December 19, 2013

Just For Now - Justin Hopwood by Bell Soto

Being sick sucks, this sinus situation is really annoying me. Why don't we add the fact that I have to fill my mind with this "parting" situation. Being an adult sucks. Ultimately, I know this is for the best. If only I could tell my subconscious to stop thinking and go back to sleep and stay asleep because it's 3AM right now! I guess I could go shopping online. . . . that's a thought. Just keep myself busy and keep reminding myself that I wanted this. Three years of memories are what they are . . . memories. Be strong and shine.

The final stretch to Christmas. 

Today, we have Soul Artist Management talent, Justin Hopwood as photographed by Bell Soto for Risbel Magazine. Hopwood dons blue hued fashions by Levi's styled by Seth Howard. 

Speaking of memories this reminded me of someone three years ago waiting around Sushi of Gari on 46th. As I'm finishing my fashion shows for that day.

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Ped said...

nice outfits! you look great on that!