Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's Just Another New Year's Eve - Farewell, 2013!

And another year has come and went. Le sigh. In reflection of the past year, I thought, it was a good year. Eventhough these days, it felt like it wasn't. But I had to keep reminding myself to breath and to take each day in graceful strides at this point.

2013 was a big travel year for me. I think I racked up miles this year than any year of my young adult life. From the usual suspects like New York, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Burlington, Vermont to a camping trip up in the Redwoods. But the cherry on top of my travel cake was my trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil back in May. Scratching that from my bucket list. Never have I ever missed those caipirinhas!

Due to the fact that I was traveling heavily, this was the first year that I skipped a whole season of Mercedez Benz New York fashion week. Consequently, this was also the year that I got invited to the most shows and installations. For that I thank every designers and PR people who invited to the every show and every after parties. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

2013 was also full of wonderful surprises and gift filled. This year, for my birthday my parents finally bought me my Togo Hermes Birkin bag. I also became officially and legally, Mr. S-T.  

But this year also brought a few heart breaking moments. I lost two of my grandparents almost around the same time and this was also the year that I'm concluding a chapter in my life. 

The last leg of this year was a big wake up call for me. It practically thought me that I should never take everything for granted.  

But at this moment, I'm at peace with our decision. Not easy but it has to be done. So goodbye for now. We'll be just fine.

I'm closing today's post with quote by, author, Sonia Ricotti which I thought was appropriate not  only because of my situation but for the closing year as well,

Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.

Have a safe, yet fun New Year's Eve celebration, everyone!

HMMM . . . That picture reminds me of a dinner that happened recently. Awkward.

Photo credit: High Society story captured by Michelle Du Xuan for Harper's Bazar China.

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