Friday, December 27, 2013

Say Something - Baptiste Giannesini by Rick Day

The funny thing about this Christmas, I didn't really wanted anything this year but to get some things as they were. Well, I meant besides that my nieces to be happy, of course.  Sometimes it feels like putting back a broken mirror. No matter how perfect you had put it back the cracks will show. Sort of like the same feeling like I am screaming in a crowded room and nobody could seem to hear me. To those who recognized it, Thank You. The funny thing, these hugs came from parties that I least expected it.

Human compassion without turning things to their own benefit or issues. I'm giving myself leeway to deal with the situation till after the Holidays. I don't have the time to deal with this right now.

Well, hopefully everybody got what they really wanted for Christmas.

In today's post, Baptiste Giannesini grazed the pages of L'Altro Uomo book. The fashion story was shot by the famed photographer Rick Day. Giannesini of RED Models was styled by Giorgio Ammirabile with pieces by Perry Ellis, Byblos, Carlo Pignatelli, and Eton to name a few.

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