Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Royal Pain - Eric Weiss & Brad Alfonso by Camilo Rios

That concludes Summertime and what do they say? You can't wear white pants after Labor Day? Was that rule even real? I still have an outfit planned to wear for an event that requires me to wear white pants. Regardless, It was a great long weekend. But I was wishing it was longer like always.

As I mentioned before, I'm foregoing NYFW this season. I know really sad. First time in years! I purposely didn't check my blogging email over the weekend for the fact that it hurts to actually send my reply to the invites. It doesn't mean that I wont be busy this following week though. Who has time to sleep and rest on their laurels these days? Exactly, Nobody.

Sometimes I wish that I could clone myself so he could do the not-so-fun part of my life. I mean it would be an easy job for him, realistically. Because I do LOVE my life. I would probably have him listen to other people's problems though because I'm tired of hearing it. That's why I suggest everybody should get their own therapist, eventhough, in reality you probably don't need one. Everybody got problems too. Handle it.

Well the good news, we're already half way there. Happy Hump Day my fashionistos and fashionistas.

In today's post we have an editorial piece that appeared on the F*cking Young! Online featuring Wilhelmina talents, Eric Weiss and Brad Alfonso. Photographed by Camilo Rios and styled by Juan Villalba with pieces from Maison Margiela, Saint Laurent and of course my holy grail, Givenchy.

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