Saturday, September 14, 2013

Seeing Stars - Chris Hernandez by Tony Veloz

How does one end a perfectly busy fashion week WITHOUT being in New York? Dance till the 5 AM? Yes. The only down side was that the Bubs was in LA already. So there were times through the night where a song would play and sorta be like "OH you remember this song from Rio?!" but the Bubs wasn't there. I mean I love my friends but sometimes I could only take so much of longing. Especially harder since the Bubs was just here with me this week. Hashtag my life sucks without you hashtag going emo. But hey all I could do was let it roll over my shoulders besides I'm in the company of friends. But a boy could wish for more, couldn't he?

Well I'm off to get some needed brunch with friends. Social's life 24/7.

Happy Weekend my fashionistos and fashionistas! Make it count!

We close of the week with an editorial for Fashionisto Online featuring America's Next Top Model contender, Chris Hernandez. The project was shot by Tony Veloz and styled by Kennard Jackson featuring fast fashion pieces by Zara, Topman, and H&M. This boy has so much potential, these were pretty stunning photos.

You go Chris H.

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