Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gone With The Wind Fabulous - Benjamin Eidem by Sara Bille

I would like to begin this post by saying, We will never forget, 9/11.

As New York Fashion Week comes to a close, I still feel a little dejected and somewhat left out that I didn't attend this season. It was hard for me to check any of my social media outlets without feeling a pang of jealousy for those people that went to the shows and the after parties. OH, the fun-FUN-FUN after parties! To make matter worse, for some reason, all the delinquents that come up to my neighborhood tends to gravitate to my car when they need to steal something. Yep, my car got broken into . . . again. I mean they didn't get anything that valuable besides a few coins (including my car's coin tray, I mean why?! I don't know they didn't have a bag?), and some random car parts replacement. Clearly they weren't that smart because my vintage fur hat (not a trapper but a brim hat) was also in the trunk and they didn't take it. Go figure.

But atleast the Bubs decided to come to my side of the world before heading to a Los Angeles gig later on the week. God knows, how I missed spending quality time with the Bubs on the flesh. I needed some cheering up after the debacle that was last week.

I got to keep positive and not stress out about everything. Roll with the punches as they say. Oh well, Happy Hump Day, my dear fashionistos and fashionistas!

Dapper as one could be, I'm featuring an editorial that appeared on the newest issue of swedish publication, King Magazine. The super suave editorial featured top model Benjamin Eidem as photographed by Sara Bille. Iris Hjelmstedt styled the Eidem in great black tuxedos and lush dinner jackets rounded but a very regal backdrop. Pour me a glass of scotch, old sport. A perfect Gentleman.

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