Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Paris Men's Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 - 2012 - Day 4 & 5 roundup

January 22, 2011 - Saturday

9:00am - Valentino
For this presentation, I like the fur lined pieces and how everything looked elegant, the top coat looks nice as well.

9:30am - Maison Martin Margiela
The presentation for this show was so interesting because the audience are actually seated backstage. The collection on the other hand was a mix of military inspired pieces with ship skin details and long thick coats. A good collection overall.

11:00am - Kenzo
I personally love this collection, inspired by an english detective story, the line up includes high wasted pants, bowties and a lot of texture in terms of fabrics used on the show. I dont really care for the nerdy looking vest but that's just me because I'm against those type of vests but some of the knits are pretty cute.

12:00pm - Miharayasuhiro
The collection was inspired by Oscar Wilde, I love the school boy blazers and the deconstructed look of the some of the knits. Eventhough its pretty much a show piece the blazer/cape in black was pretty cool.

1:00pm - Ann Demeulemeester
There are a lot of vests and leather and girlfriend jeans. LOTS of it.

2:00pm - Bernhard Willhelm
This is another interesting show, in a first look it definitely look unwearable, but honestly there are a few pieces that I like the hoodies and the scarfs are pretty nice and the fuzzy brown one is definitely nice.

3:00pm - Dior Homme
As you can remember from the last collection, where Kris had the amazing cloaks and great minimalism only one comment though, those damn Amish looking hats again! One collection that featured the belted cardis and flowy full legged pants.

4:00pm - TL/Mann
 Dyeing effect on some of the pieces are amazing. Another minimalist collection.

5:00pm - Boris Bidjan Saberi
Skateboards and post apocalyptic future wear. You would think that most of the the pieces would be unwearable but actually they are especially the leather pieces. Love.

6:00pm - Petar Petrov
Eventhough  this was a very lovely collection, I didnt really think that anything was that special about it.

7:00pm - Damir Doma
Volume in black and white.  Love the sweater that covers the face. I know I said volume but it did not look anything like drowning in your own clothes.

8:00pm - Hermes
Easy, structured pieces took stage. I love the leather pieces but felt that leather jumpsuit was atrocious. I think the collection would have survived with that . . . thing.

9:00pm - Raf Simons
This was such a bold collection in terms of the very harsh, bright colors. the knee length knit sweater and overcoats that look like cocoons were nice but what is up with that mohair? apron thing, sheesh!

Christophe Lemaire

January 23, 2011 - Sunday

10:00am - Bill Tornade
This collection reminded me sorta of Burberry Prorsum . . . last year's collection. Handsome with some few standout pieces.

11:00am - Lanvin
I love how the shirts are worn over turtlenecks. Some of the suits and coats also had magnetic closures. I think the collection looked elegant and the color story showcased a soft but yet very masculine collection.

12:00pm - Wooyoungmi
 There were a lot of interesting pieces from this collection. The outerwear was actually phenomenal. Or at least I like the re envisioning of some of the pieces.

1:00pm - Songzio
 Besides the big red jacket and the oversized overcoats the collection didn't really capture my attention. But if you want some hairy gloves at least now you know where to get them.

2:00pm - Yves Saint Laurent
I thought the eyelash shaped breast pockets were interesting, the edwardian coats were amazing as well. I like the use of the gold/mustard under navy/black jackets, it is a nice pop of color.

3:00pm - Rynshu
A lot of textured leather, and how about that ruffled jacket? You know you want it.

4:00pm - Paul Smith
The toggle coats are nice but yet another semi-futuristic collection. Even though the collection was mainly gray, it was nice to see the little pop of color here and there.

5:00pm - Qasimi Homme
This is another collection that featured the belted knit. I really hope nobody will get into this trend for some reason it reminds me of Star Wars and their belted tunics. Okay, back to the collection. Interesting proportions and very dramatic collars.

6:00pm - Thom Browne
Okay aside from the eccentric styling there are really nice pieces here, I like how the beenies look like powdered wigs. There are a few gloves that I wouldn't mind owning. Some of the overcoats are nice and dandy.

7:00pm - Arnys
Nothing really special, but a very sharp collection nonetheless.

8:00pm - Yigal Azrouel
Another belted knit and i love that necklace! OH YEAH! Showing for the first time in Paris as well. I'm not entirely sure but (gasp) boiled wool! (I just had to say it) If you had a very nonchalant reaction as I did, we're on the same page. BUT I love the knits and quirky ties and yes the layering. Ok fine I love the collection.

9:00pm - Acne
Channeling the youth for this collection, Jonny Johansson, creative director for Acne created this collection that consist of varsity sweaters and ankle grazing coats. Remember? the stuff you used to wear in college, wait, or well I did.


Jeroen van Tuyroen van Tuyl

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