Friday, January 21, 2011

Paris Men's Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 - 2012 - Day 1 & 2 roundup

Paris Men's fashion week begun on Wednesday, but unfortunately wasn't able to update my blog because of local social responsibilities but anyway here's the recap for Wednesday and Thursday shows.

January 19, 2011 - Wednesday

6:00pm - Thierry Mugler
Lady Gaga's stylist (like you didn't know) put out this eccentric collection, like the mirror chest pieces didn't give it away. I guess this collection is not as bad as I thought it would be actually, it was very interesting and some of the pieces are very commercial.

7:00pm -  Ehud
Nothing really stood out to me but it was a pleasant collection. Featured the crimson/blues/grays that will be on trend this fall/winter. A very "vanilla" collection especially after seeing the Mugler show.

Thibaud Etcheberry
MR by Roland Mouret

January 20, 2011 - Thursday

9:30am - Viktor & Rolf Monsieur
 Well this collection is probably one of the two or three very safe, minimalist collection of the day. classic cuts, classic designs.  I love the earth toned soft suit above, I don't know where I can wear that but I'm pretty sure I can find an event.

10:30am - Alexis Mabille
Scottish punk inspired clothing will probably sum this collection. the pea coat is nice and I love the army green/moss with the red scot plaid sweater and the military trench is not so bad, new? no not really but I like it. But of course some of the looks look sophomoric with the whole whiskey shirts and those pants, I don't know about that.

11:30am - Issey Miyake
 Although the collection looked very cute in a beetnik, "I'm an artist" kinda feel to it. It felt very blah to me.

12:30pm - Rick Owens
Okay remember Terminator? the latest one? these boys looked like they came from that movie. Inspired army/samurai pieces strutted the runway with oversized outerwear and those zip up boots. It was very interesting to say the least. What? Did I expect less from a Rick Owens show? No.

1:30pm - Juun J.
 ANOTHER very interesting show from Juun J. okay a lot of people are putting down this show but I thought it was very interesting. Can you wear half of the stuff on the show? Probably not (check out the double decker outerwear) but the other pieces are very nice. At least it was a show.

2:30pm - Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton's show was surprisingly futuristic. A very handsome futuristic collection. Lapel-free jackets also another trend that I've noticed was used plenty in this collection. Sure the color story might be a little dark with some splash of color here and there but I liked it. The leather/fur jacket? LOVE! 

3:30pm - John Lawrence Sullivan
The collection is not really that interesting to me probably because I've seen it before. It was a good collection but I was not wowed per se.

5:00pm - Jean-Paul Gaultier
 His name is Bond, James Bond! I love the take on how would James Bond would look if he was styled by Jean-Paul Gaultier. A few interesting designs and surprises. loved the asymmetrical black/orange zip up. Another great show from JPG.

6:00pm - Smalto
You can always count on a Smalto show for a very classic and handsome collection. While everybody is all doing the boxed, loose cut suits, Smalto still has the european slim cut on their suits which I like. I just think that its a little passe that models were donning thick rimmed glasses.

7:00pm - Dries Van Noten
The Dries show featured some interesting outerwear. color blocking pants and fur lined lapels.

8:00pm - Yohji Yamamoto
Oh Yohji with your interesting cuts and penchant for drama.  I would really want to wear one of those tie out pants but i don't think I can pull it off. A few interesting outerwear and very interesting long coat with images on them. The knits are quite interesting as well.
9:00pm - Adam Kimmel
I honestly don't know what to say about this collection. I do like the red collared white shirt but other than than I'm truly lost for words and that's not good.


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