Monday, January 17, 2011

Milan Men's Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011-12 - Day 2 Roundup

January 16, 2011

9:30am - Bottega Veneta

Very classic, rumples created texture to jackets and that blue coat? to die for.

10:30am - Emporio Armani

I love this collection I hated how it started with the "golf collection" though umm next. but the rest of the show was pretty amazing I absolutely love the basket weave on the sleeveless vest?  above. I also like the  crimson gloves. I guess red (crimson red) is in next winter.

11:30am - Gianfranco Ferre
On as statement that was released a few days before the beginning of fashion week, Ferre released a letter saying that the house is not going to participate to the festivities but will have its private show sometime later on the month. Oh well. This was released  a little bit yesterday and I love the sweater jacket/trench. The collection was . . . pleasant.

12:30pm - Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo's  collection really exemplifies the "pimp" lifestyle. I did not include most of the looks that featured the pimp hat with matching suits. not my cup of tea. but the pieces that I chose are pretty amazing. I personally love the military-esque grand coat.

1:00pm - Daniele Alessandrini

Very classic but some of the pieces have a little bit of twist making it modern. hence check out the cropped pants. I like how the collection exudes elegance and sophistication eventhough some of the pieces have eccentric cuts.

2:00pm  - Vivienne Westwood
Hands down one of my favorite show of the day, surprised? you should't if you know me. I like a lot of the pieces in the collection, don't even start me with the shoes. the look was nice and laid back as always. quirky chic.

3:00pm - Albino Deuxieme
There are a lot of textures in this collection. fuzzy textures. I love the minimalist approach to the collection, there are plenty of nice outerwear and scarves that I wont mind having.  Overall a very simple yet sophisticated collection.

4:00pm - Missoni
Knits and hats everywhere.  Which is interesting.

5:00pm - Ermanni Scervino
Sophistication. I like a lot of the outerwear in this collection, very well rounded. There are some classic cuts and but not dated.  A very handsome collection, indeed.

6:00pm - Prada
To summarize the collection in three words. Boxy, loose, and shiny. I personally didn't like the collection  but this always happens with me and Prada. I think I have to stare at it and see it again to make me like it.

7:00pm - Moncler Gamme Blue
Another interesting show from the Moncler Gamme Blue people.  There are stand out pieces but innovation? maybe to some and I know its the winter collection but what's up with the christmas tree color story of a portion of the collection. honestly? it hurt my eyes for a bit.

8:00pm - Franck Boclet
Luxe, luxe, luxe from the former head of Ungaro. I love every piece of the collection. Very modern and tres tres chic.

De Wan
Sergio Rossi
Haute, Showroom Moschillo
Giuliano Fujiwara

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