Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Thousand Years - Daniel Roberts, Josh Bartley & Marti Medina by Jeff Hahn

I think that sometimes we find ourselves at a point where our path takes us to a fork on the road. I think to ere is to be human. We are not perfect, eventhough we would like to think that we are. I think that living apart from the Bubs makes it harder really. Sometimes I struggle to remember why am I in this situation. Living apart from the one you love is taxing. Temptation is just too strong at times.

Then I remember laughing at Copacabana beach in Rio at 2am. Losing myself at this person's eyes as the ocean breaks by our feet. Then I remember why, I can't imagine living without this crazy person in my life. No man nor woman can change that.

If that's not love then I don't know what love is.

Love. Respect. Loyalty.

Hashtag Life Lessons B*tch.

Today we have editorial that appears on the September issue of Wonderland. It features models Daniel Roberts, Josh Bartley and Marti Medina as photographed by Jeff Hahn and styled by Matthew Josephs.

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