Saturday, October 19, 2013

This Moment - Call of Duty by Livia Alcalde

That's what we really have, all we have is this moment. Sometimes we have to make decisions that would probably be healthy for all the party concerned. I think above all else, my legal significant other, my life and my happiness comes above all. I'm willing to burn bridges if I have to. I can be compulsive but I'm also logical. I do think everything through. That's why I like solving dilemmas that comes my way by myself. The only opinion I trust, is my own. Like I said besides my immediate family, everybody else is replaceable. hashtag tough skin. I think that a time apart would be good, indeed.

The problem with growing up in society, I learn to be made of plastic. I will endure as much as I can till I reach a breaking point. Things said is said and we can't really take it back. We can not push rewind.

Cie la vie.

We close the weekend with this beautiful editorial that appears on the newest issue of L'Officiel Hommes Thailand. It casts an army of male super models including Aaron Vernon, Alexandre Cunha, Leebo Freeman, Harry Curran, Nick Warkus, Ton Heukels, Harry Goodwins, Justus Ensfeld, Lukas Katinas, Nicolas Hagius, Nicolai Otta, Lucas Ziegele, Paul Boche, Demy Matzen, Malcolm de Ruiter, Ryan Barrett, Luca Jamel, Marcel Nestler, Andre Bona, Ian Sharp, Norman Theuekorn, and Lex Olsen. The story is shot by Livia Alcalde and styled by Pablo Patane with military inspired pieces by Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Tom Reek, and Maison Martin Margiela to name a few. I've always said give me something militaristic and I love it.

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