Thursday, July 25, 2013

Semi Charmed Life - Emilio Flores by Esmeralda Martin

It wont be the first time that someone tells me that I live a semi-charmed kinda life. Sure that can be true, but overall I just lucked out from being born in a great family, really. So far, and I mean today I have all I need or want. Scratch that I want a new pair of Loubis and maybe that new Volvo C30. Just Kidding. I'm not that spoiled, eventhough I just received my first Hermes Birkin as an early Birthday gift from my parents. The bubs' saying that I have everything. "So what do you get someone who has everything?"he asks, Not everything. I responded with grace and such pedigree, "Nothing, babe, I already got you." I swear even the Unicorns puked rainbow.

It's been a weird week for me, coming from a high last week seeing the Bubs even for  just one night, receiving my gift from the parents, to a fun weekend. Only to start of this week finding out another grandparent dies, that leading to a stressful work week. Honestly, I feel like I need another vacation with the Bubs is in order.  

We have an editorial that appears on the pages of Stealer magazine featuring Soul Artist Management talent, Emilio Flores. Esmeralda Martin lenses the project and Jesus Cicero styles Flores in vibrant pieces by Diesel, Burberry Prorsum, Z Zegna, and Salvatore Ferragamo to name a few. 

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