Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Best Things In Life Are Free - Riccardo Tisci by Maciek Kobielski

Or given to you as gifts. So technically they're free! I have a conundrum, I don't personally have a problem with getting gifts but I do have a problem receiving expensive gifts. Eventhough that it will come from the Bubs. I'm usually very grateful for the gesture but for some reason I feel guilty receiving it. It's probably the fact that in the past people have asked for these gifts back if they can. Which is both tacky and even make me glad that this said individual/s and I broke up. I mean who does that?

At least wait for me to throw it out the window or donate them to charity like a normal human being. Sheesh.

But as most expensive gifts, sometimes there are always strings attached to them. Figuratively and Physically sometimes.

Happy Hump Day my fashionistos and fashionistas!

In today's post we have no other than, my God,  Riccardo Tisci as he appears with an army of male models and Joan Smalls. The interview/ designer profile that appears on the 38th issue of Self Service is photographed by Maciek Kobielski. The pictorial features pieces from both Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter 2013 collections of Givenchy.

Wouldn't I love to own all those pieces! I also love and totally agree when he said that Success is when everybody buys and wears his collection, that's the review. So true.

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