Thursday, March 28, 2013

Things That I Want: Come What May - Givenchy Spring/Summer 2013

Givenchy S/S 2013
What could be even worse than a long distance relationship between San Francisco and New York City? How about spending the next couple months even further away? I mean somebody going abroad.  Atleast right now I can deal with non-stop flights and the fact that I can easily hop on a plane out of a whim without needing my passport.

The bad thing about working somewhere that comes naturally without much effort, I would be on autodrive. Then I get stuck in my head, Thinking. Who got time for that? But I'm notorious sometimes on freaking/stressing myself out for no apparent reason.

Honestly, I should really trust the Bubs because without trust might as well say farewell. It's just it's Rio for crying out loud, have you met any Brazilians that looked bad? I don't even know what they eat over there that all of them look ridiculously good. Anyway.

Trust on the vows that they meant as much as it did the day it's said. Come what may.

For this week's Things That I Want post, I decided to post something that I actually bought already this week. I know I still have roughly a month till my niece's christening but I have to get ready for what I'll wear. There will be pictures for pete's sake. I have a few options lined up but I'm quite excited about this piece really. Of course, it will be coming from the ethereal collection of Givenchy. This one I like because it is mostly white and still preserves the actual image of the Virgin Mary. I know I could get the bau haus print or the splattered painting or even the pastel pink ones but it comes down with how much I'm spending really. Since my heart is not really set to buy any of the latter ones. If I could get away I would love to buy the darker sweaters. But this is a christening after all. I have to keep it light. The sweater retails for $885. I love the Silk detail and the simplicity of the sweater.  But I'm thinking of pairing it with black pants rather than an all white look and of course my Givenchy long shirt with the Silk chiffon bottoms.

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