Friday, February 11, 2011

Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011-12: There and Back Again

I know the week has only begun but, alas, being a San Franciscan blogger, I can only get invited to so much shows. It was my first MAJOR fashion event that I've been invited to as a blogger. Sure I'm not on front row nor was I standing in the back, so I was happy that I was close enough to enjoy the shows without craning my neck. I'm also glad that even thought the two days I was there it was around 30 degrees it didn't snow heavily like I was dreading that will happen and get snowed in this morning. So, if you're wondering which shows I got invited to, I was invited to Nicholas K, Richard Chai (which I don't know why, it was the women's collection), and saw the Gilded Age presentation. There are two other shows (Perry Ellis and General Idea) I got invited to but i had to leave so I can come back to "responsibilities" back here in SF. I know a mistake I'm sure, but I digress.
It was exhilarating to be there at the new home of New York fashion week, the Lincoln Center. I don't know if it was just NYC or it was fashion week everybody and I mean EVERYBODY was so stylish and most of the people I complemented didn't even have invitations to the shows so that was very commendable for them to dress up. I felt like I came from a small town being all wide eyed, which was funny because I live in San Francisco and that's why I thought that SF fashion has a long way to go to be the same fashion Mammoth like NYC.   Even though I've enjoyed the shows that I've attended here in SF so far but to be in the same building with some A-listers watching an A-list designer's show? It was humbling but the lil' devil in me can't help but snicker and laugh devilishly and say, "I have an invite biotches, I don't have to pull Salahi to get in!"
The Men's shows round up are coming.


Rachel said...

omg, sounds like a dream come true!

Styleformen said...

Like your blog!