Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week F/W 2011-12: Men's Show Round Up part 1 of 2

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

As expected, a lot of the basics shearlings, nice suits in gray and dark colors. It was a pleasant show but nothing too surprising.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Gilded Age

One word: Layering. Since I actually saw this presentation, I must say the whole multi-patterened shirts that I've seen around in shows? Taken to the next level. there were a lot of nice outerwear and knits in the collection.   

What Goes Around Comes Around
A few nice outerwear, but this is the problem with dual shows. the men's show didn't really translate well with the women's show because both of them have different feel of their own. But regardless it was a nice collection of all-American outerwear.

 Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nicholas K
Probably one of the highlights of the show was the great pairing of the leather jacket with the army green  knit under. It was outdorsy but not in a mountain man kind of way. A very nice collection indeed.

 Steven Alan
The theme of the show was collegiate years . . . in the seventies. I actually love this collection. It might had gathered inspiration from the yesteryears but everything looked nice . . . not that I could say the same with the women's collection.

Hyden Yoo

Duckie Brown
Duckie Brown has always been known for the volume and proportions. But we can add texture to that as well. Eventhough I don't like that one gray sweater with the weird sleeves. Most of the pieces are nice.

Marlon Gobel
The BEST show . . . so far. Not only was the collection was rich it was loud and those shoes! Louboutin of course! Just because the collection was loud it doesn't mean it was unwearable. The heavy shawl collared sweater were nice and printed suits was something.

Tim Hamilton
A lot of strong looks in this collection, very grungy chic.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Perry Ellis
Very nice collection of some basics in on trend color story. earthy colors and gray.

Rag & Bone
Shocks of color (cobalt blue) was a little jarring. Of course the wool pieces that seems to be part of a Rag and Bone show year in and year out.

Tommy Hilfiger
In the recent years, I had sorta given up with the whole Tommy Hilfiger line but from the looks of it, I think they are finally getting with a more younger/hipper Tommy man. Sure it has more muted colors that what we got accustomed to a Tommy show but its unnecessarily a bad thing.

Siki Im
This collection reminded me of a character from a video game that I used to play when I younger. I mean its a mix of goth/American Indian vibe to it.

Robert Geller
It's all about the accessories in this collection.  It was luxe but not pompous very nice indeed.

Richard Chai for Penguin
Nothing really stood out for me but great outerwear pieces nonethless.

Riviera Club
Plaid and that orange/pumpkin pants, very vibrant in subtlety.

Buckler by Andrew Buckler
I always liked the Buckler line its always edgy and a little rock and roll and that sheepskin coat? Love.

Nice collection of activewear and eventhough vibrant color story it was not too jarring.

Unconventional, indeed. Eventhough some . . . okay most of the pieces are a little costumey, there are a few nice pieces through out the show.

 Simple yet refined. I love the splash of orange on the collection.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

General Idea
The other show that I missed, Interesting color story and puffy leg warmers which I've seen from the Lacoste show . . . two years ago.  Not bad really.

Interesting prints to jackets giving it an illusion of texture but I was a little bummed out that the men's collection is not as colorful as the women's.

Richard Chai
Oh the Chai show, to why I got invited to the women's show is beyond me. he he. I wish I saw how great that peacoat was or how "weird" that pajama pieces made up the collection. Oh well. to that end I think it was a blessing in disguise because the men's show, again, was a blah compared to the Love collection that I saw.

Gant by Michael Bastian
The collection was rugged and very handsome. I dont know what it is. I know I love the color story but every look was strong. Especially love the fuzzy sweater with the black and white detail.

Patrick Ervell
Interesting presentation. a few nice outerpieces, and of course the body suits.

Band of Outsiders
I love how cool and everything look. This collection was very easy on the eyes.

G-Star Raw
I can see that there a little bit of military inspiration in the collection but I just didn't get the life jackets. I like the sweaters and the mock turtleneck on the sweaters.

Billy Reid
As always, the southern inspired collection.

I like the inspiration and the look are quite nice, if you're into the whole "living on a boat" look

Loden Dager
Well compared to the last few collections the Loden Dager man has a matured a bit. Mustard pants, anybody. A little dandy but an awesome collection.

Antonio Azzuolo
Eccentric, some of the pieces might be but there were quite few very wearable pieces from this collection. the fur neckline and those mini cape/hoodies, genius.

 Carlos Campos
Nothing jumps out of the collection. Well tailored looks and I love the leather jacket.

Petrou\ MAN
interesting, very reminiscent of a Vivienne Westwood collection.

Odyn Vovk
Eventhough I can't find looks for this show, I've seen the video and it is quite nice, great leather pieces with nice silhouettes.

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