Monday, December 27, 2010

Post Christmas Thought - Holiday Blues

As I sat here at my parent's living room, semi-watching the lights on the Christmas tree, hearing my sister's laugh on the other room, my brother, my dad and my mom talking about the food on the table, my niece wanting to color all night and slightly succumbing to a food coma and feeling buzzed from the Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc that I've been drinking (found in my parent's wine "cellar" which I remember bringing two years ago with an ex-mon ami). But something is different compared to the past so and so years. I am single, by choice? Maybe. So, everybody wants to know, did I get what I wanted for Christmas. I got some clothes, A wonderful coat, some alcohol what else can I ask for . . . wait, no Ipad (sigh - I guess I wasn't in santa's nice list). I went shopping and spent countless hours looking for a perfect gift for my niece. She's my first niece and she's getting spoiled like no other by my family. Aside from not finding an Asian Barbie, which I ended up buying a doctor Barbie which I thought was Asian enough.   I spent some time with a very good friend the eve of Christmas eve. Talking about the holidays and what we got from people so far he got a very nice Ted Baker bag that costs $1,500 am I jealous? maybe a little bit. I did spend sometime shopping with him a few weeks back for that character that bought him the bag and I sorta felt this nostalgic feeling of buying a gift for that special someone in my life. Snapping back to reality, thanks to a friend that really, I mean really, hopes i find self realization for being totally happy when I'm single. Which I am, I had an awesome time with some amazing friends for Christmas eve and spent Christmas Day with a supporting family that I know who will be there all the time, what can I ask for? I'm not gonna lie I do miss having that person to kiss under the mistletoe and it does mean something and not just a lusty kiss but I don't miss the jealousy that came when I look at another person the "wrong way".  People come and go in your lifetime but dear friends and family will always be there for you. You know what? I may be single this holiday but that didn't mean I was alone. Hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas.
- Lex 12/25/10


RRRaul said...

Hey Lex, I was single for MANY years before I found a suitable one. Looking at other people the 'wrong way', at my age, is now funny. When it's the right person, you both laugh at it and prove to each other that you're both still alive...and that you wouldn't trade each other in for that piece of eye candy.

Here's to a new year full of laughter! Cheers!

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