Monday, December 13, 2010

Fashion, Cocktails, French Food, and Great Company

Saturday was a fun night indeed. So as most of you guys saw from my previous post that for Saturday's event, I based my look from Tom Ford's fall/winter campaign. So, I wore my blue tuxedo jacket from Drykorn, Tom Ford Velvet bow tie, I opted wearing my favorite blue jeans instead of my tuxedo pants (due the fact that I should practice what I preach: dress down your tuxedo jacket), and my Energie Gold Label white faux wingtips. As I always do, I try to make the look mine. Wearing my signature Upper Playground flat hat and adoring my jacket with something that I have seen from the fall/winter shows like J.W. Anderson and Etro; men wearing brooches. I already knew that I wanted some kind of insect brooch and found one at a vintage shop in the upper Haight called, Decades of Fashion. The insect brooch was from the 1940's that is adorned with two small rubys, a crystal and a big light blue sapphire gemstone, love.
So after taking some photos for blogging purposes, My mon ami and I headed to SFFAMA's Christmas Party Event at the Dome Level of downtown's Westfield Mall. Even after arriving fashionably late like always, we made a bee line to the Straits Restaurant close to the event where the DJ opened up a reserved table just because we were nicely dressed, who am I to say no to VIP status? so after a cocktail, we headed SFFAMA's fashion event. Mingled and thanks to Owen got to go backstage and to see the chaos that is backstage at a fashion show well not so chaotic, actually. Met a beautiful model named Nicole. The funny thing about the whole situation is that, I blog about men's fashion and even though I appreciate women's fashion, I just don't have the same passion as I do with men's fashion. After more mingling, the fashion show started. The models showcased a collection from the Seezenn's line. Props to the models for working it! F.Y.I. I know I need to learn how to take pictures effectively. So pardon my amateur photography skills.

 After the fashion show, which at that point was already 7:30 (which was our reservation at the French restaurant) Garcon! The food was amazing, to say the least. After dinner, another round of cocktails at a local mission hang-out, cafe du revolution and proceeded to a holiday party hosted by a power couple that lives in a chic house in Noe valley. Through out the night, I had numerous complements on key items of my outfit (my Tom Ford bow tie, my shoes, and my brooch) and there's that. Happy Monday everybody, don't let it affect you that much.

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Tamerlane said...

I loved your outfit that day. T'was nice meeting you.