Thursday, December 9, 2010

Saturday's SFFAMA's White Christmas Party - What Should I Wear?

My mon ami gives me a hard time when it comes to every event that we go to. Not that I stressed out about what I wear more like which look should I end up going for. Most of the time I get inspired by how I feel but I do get my ideas from editorials. I see what I have in my closet and go from there eventually buying some other pieces to make the look, well more like me. I always feel bad for people who adapt the head to toe look straight from the editorial I mean great but where are you on that outfit? I guess you left it at home. Anyway, not only will there be the SF Fashion Alliance's White Christmas soirée but a night with friends and great food at Garçon. So what's my inspiration? Tom Ford's fall/winter campaign with Nicholas Hoult well minus the crows. I love the blue suit and how it contrast the velvet bow tie. I hate that I'm really obsessing with this since I could have saved the look for either Christmas or more important, New Years Eve. I would love to recycle the look but I just know that come New Year's eve, I have a new look that I would want. Like I said I'm adapting the look and not copying it. I would be posting pictures soon of my final outfit. 

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