Sunday, December 5, 2010

Things That I Want But Couldn't Afford . . . YET: Part 2

Welcome to another post about the stuff that I want but not quite willing to spend that much money for them, yet. But to be honest, I almost bit the bullet on this one and bought a "replica" of the original. I present to you the obsession of a lot and I mean alot of women and some men, Christian Louboutin shoes. It's all about those damn red soles, I tell ya! In my case it's the studded Freddy which cost $1,500. I found some studded shoes from Prada but that doesn't really help my cause. So, as of lately, the answer to all my High Fashion fashion without the price? Zara's studded brogue. Not quite as eye catching as the Louboutin's but it might do the job. So if anybody has any leads to a closer shoe without buying an *ahem* replica. Send the information my way, why don't you.

Christian Louboutin




Tamerlane said...

Did you ever find a substitute. Cause I too LOVE these shoes.

Lexter Marcus T. said...

First and foremost, thanks for visiting! No, I have not, and NYE is fast approaching :/