Saturday, December 18, 2010

Things That I Want But Couldn't Afford . . . YET: Part 3

So the Holidays is the season that I believe that most dinner jackets are worn, besides weddings on June, I guess.  When you're a working individual, like myself. You would probably own a couple of dinner jackets and if you do not? Shame on you! Just Kidding, but like I said on my previous posts about blazers. By the time you're in your mid-20s a young man should own one, at least. And now that I'm planning my new years eve outfit. I decided to wear a two tone dinner jacket. A look that I have seen at the D&G fall/winter line. The blazer is actually on sale from $675 to $405 which is not bad at all but for those who are not on a tight budget. H&M has a two tone blazer for $75 for their fall line. I know, I know I'm not gonna wear that jacket at a real black tie event but it will do if you just want to look sharp at a NYE party without cashing out half of your paycheck.



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