Friday, February 3, 2012

Never Too Young - Jerome Wyvekens & Lucas Lemoine by Jean Francois Gschwindt

This week has been a little crazy running around in between jobs, projects, and social responsibilities. Not to mention a very stressful day yesterday, I'm not going on to the excruciating details, but at the end of the night I felt better, thanks to a certain somebody taking the time to make a call and cheering me up  eventhough we are worlds (the whole US, to be exact) apart. Thanks New York and yes if you're reading this, this is your name on my blog. If Carrie Bradshaw have a Mr. Big eventhough I'm not 100% familiar with the series so can I. 

So I'm glad to have a pseudo quiet day today . . . well until this afternoon that is. It is Friday and my weekend starts today. I can't believe that NYFW starts next week! Time flies by when you're busy and/or having fun.

In this editorial entitled Too Young To that appears on the new French magazine, Apollo Novo, Jerome Wyvekens and Lucas Lemoine plays two too young rich and rowdy boys with a penchant for toys and fashion.  The shoot is lensed by Jean Francois Gschwindt and styled by Richard Voinnet with a colorful ensemble by Acne, Jeremy Scott, Maison Martin Margiela, and Walter Van Beirondonck. 

Honestly, this reminds me of some of the people I knew from my private high school. The ones that got pissed off since daddy didn't give them *insert luxury car name here* but instead they got *insert ANOTHER luxury car name here* for reaching the age of 16 without overdosing and/or embarrassing their parents enough to be sent to boarding school. Oh how I miss those carefree days. 

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