Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cut and Print - Travis Cannata & Ian Mellencamp by Milan Vukmirovic

Another weekend is here! Love + Rock & Roll fashion event is tonight but before that, I have a few social and professional responsibilities to do. Last night, I was working till the last minute for a project that I'm not even involved in. I know I'm such a good samaritan or just sucking up. I guess we will never know. I also attended the opening of Asterisk magazine's art gallery/office. It's in my neighborhood in the Mission so why not. It was fun and I'm glad to see some friends and acquaintances at that event. I loved the artists' installations, and the great bartender. Especially the one about a long distance relationship by Carissa Potter. Amazing and of course my friend's great artwork, Boris Jovanovic.

In this week's closing editorial, We have one of Milan Vukmirovic's project for his new magazine Fashion for Men. In the first issue, he shoots Travis Cannata and Ian Mellencamp in pieces from the last line of D&G that is styled by Scarlett Viquel. 

Like I always say Milan has such great eye and he captures the most interesting images.

I love it. Happy Weekend and I will see you on Monday.

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