Friday, February 17, 2012

Guys & Dolls - David Gandy by Dimitris Theocharis

For the certain select people that truly knows me, I can be funny and witty. But with that, sarcasm comes second nature to me and my sharp tongue and quips what gets me in trouble. On Facebook and/or twitter I usually quote things that people say to me that I find amusing. Sure the punch line usually comes at a high price at the expense of the guilty party but I just flash my 10,000 watt smile and it's alright. No harm, no foul . . . most of the time. So I find it amusing that my Canadian New Yorker is feeling left out that I haven't quote anything from our conversations . . . yet.

Well I'm not that mean. If I like a person I do have tact and keep things in perspective. A little ground rule on over sharing in a social networking site, if the person really matters to you, keep it private. Other than that, share away.

With that, Happy Friday and I'm almost done with my NYFW round-up.

In today's editorial, I bring you one of the highest paid male models in the world, David Gandy for the 16th issue of Schon magazine. The editorial story is photographed by Dimitris Theocharis and styled by Eric Down with blue and black pieces from the collections of Dior Homme, Maison Martin Margiela, Alexander Mcqueen and KTZ to name a few.

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