Saturday, November 20, 2010

Woe is me - A Fashionisto's experience from the Lanvin x H&M release

So I just got home from the chaos that was the Lanvin <3 H&M launch day and came out empty handed. There was no one else to blame but myself. Last night over dinner, I was talking to my mon ami about how I was planning to head out in the wee hours to stand in line outside the store, after finding out that another fashion enthusiast and friend of mine, Thomas was camping out as well . . . in the rain. Coming from Pittsburgh he thought it was unheard of that people would be camping out for clothes. Really?! This is LANVIN we're talking about, Buddy! Clearly, he didn't know what fashionistos/fashionistas are capable of and willing to sacrifice in the name of Fashion.
courtesy of Thomas Eagle
So there I was, warm in bed after being talked out of freezing my ass off for some bow tie, a pair of sunglasses and probably a blazer. Fast forward a few hours, waking up at 5:30 am after deciding to at least show up roughly an hour and half before the store opens at 8. After a short BART ride to downtown SF, mind you the rain was pouring like there was no tomorrow at this point, the line was all around the block and wrapped around to the other side.** Le sigh** at that point I knew it was hopeless. I ran into my friend Thomas who was fairly in the beginning of the line, donning a trench coat and his LV bag (he was there at midnight). I was surprised how sharp a handful of people looked especially in the rain, and that early in the morning on a Saturday.
At 8:00 am the line quickly moved and once inside, I felt like I just got thrown into the Arena where ravenous lions were waiting for me. It was absolute chaos. The fully stocked racks and tables were now barren, broken boxes strewn on the floor, and everybody clamoring to whatever piece from the collection that were still untouched.
After a quick deep breathing session, One of the awesomely friendly associate approached and informed me that I can put down my name for the pieces that the mannequins were wearing. **smile** The weird coincidence was the boy taking down names was somebody I met during Halloween at an Event Promoter's house in the Mission, awkward. The downside, I can only put down my name on a piece, so I decided on the magenta bow tie.  Oh well, there was no guarantee that it would be mine, anyway. But if nobody grabs it by monday, its mine . . . so I picked the mannequin wearing the magenta bow tie on the tallest ledge so no one can grab it. Bwa ha ha ha! The sad thing, after the staff were putting some random pieces out on the empty racks, people were still grabbing them, clearly not familiar with the collection?
So feeling slightly defeated I left the store to have breakfast with my mon ami. Only to receive a phone call from Thomas 20 minutes later informing me that, in his possession were three different Bowties, The red, the blue, and the leopard print and asked if I want one of them. **Oh JOY** I told him, I'll be there in a second. So, I wolfed down my sunny side ups, bacon, and sausage, paid and briskly walked back to the direction of H&M. So I called back Thomas to confirm that he still has the bowties only to inform me that he gave it away literally 2 seconds ago. Am I bitter? No. Like I always say, all is fair in love and fashion. If somebody spent more than 6 hours in the rain, they deserve to have a piece of Lanvin.

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