Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fashionisto's Dillema - To Share or Not To Share

Everybody has their favorite stores that they frequent for their outfitting needs. I try to avoid going to places like Saks, Bloomies, Neiman Marcus and the other multi-label stores for a couple of reasons: One for the limited selection for each label and two most of the time somebody already bought it. I'm not a snob in a way that I think I'm better than the rest . . .wait, maybe I do regardless, I do go there but most of the time for little essential things like cuff links, a tie, cologne, socks? I think I'm pretty lucky that I live in a city that actually has a very good base of single label stores from high street/fast fashion to High fashion houses sure it still can't compare to NYC or even LA but San Francisco is still good. I like clothes that I would normally wont find somebody wearing when I'm walking down the street or at an event and be mortified that some other guy is wearing the exact shirt/jacket/shoes. This is where the problem begins. I have a few small twice loved clothing stores, small time fashion designers, little hush-hush members only sample sales that I frequent. So as a fashion blogger, do I share these gems? I mean granted Wasteland (the store) is pretty well known to those who know what it is but I don't think a "normal" individual would think "gee I'm going to wasteland to buy a jacket." I feel like I should share these places for the fact that if somebody likes my outfit, the stores should get represented. On the other hand, I run the risk of losing some piece that I want just because I shared my store to some guy that has the same style that I do. I'm not loaded only by association ha ha and I can't afford to buy everything from High Fashion houses and that's why I love my little stores since they have the names but not the price and I refuse to wear knock offs. A very close friend of mine once told me, "fake it till you make it," to which I responded, "not with fashion, buddy."  So fashionistos and fashionistas do we keep our stores private or do we share the world our little known knowledge as an insider?

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