Saturday, November 27, 2010

Post Thanksgiving Thought - Dressed To Impress

I know I've been away for a couple of days. I was busy preparing for my very first Thanksgiving dinner as a host and It went great. My guests were happy so I was happy. So, like every year, I always thought that thanksgiving is the first event that really marks the beginning of the the holiday season. Last night during dinner, I wore my Lanvin large maroon bowtie with matching maroon cashmere sweater (burrowed from my  Mon Ami's dandy closet) for dinner. Mind you I'm still a little upset that I couldn't get my hands on a Lanvin <3 H&M bowtie but I guess it worked for the best. I know that thanksgiving is an eating-fest so I always try to wear comfortable but stylish in a way that I can pig out and still look halfway decent after it all. As I sit here on my desk, typing this post I can still feel the food coma still lingering. Ugh . . . in a good way. Anyways, I would be back with the regular programming on monday, fully recovered from the food, the shopping over the weekend. (Belated) Happy Thanksgiving to all, and happy weekend.

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