Friday, October 22, 2010

What's In The Bag? - Bloggers' Project

So a few days ago, a fellow blogger suggested that everybody should post a "what's in your bag" post and thought it was a great idea. I do carry a bag most of the time, since I carry my mac everywhere (hint, is in dire need of an ipad). I do have a few murses but I think i still hold back to a more traditional men's satchel-esque bags than going overboard and actually donning a more purse looking bag, which there's nothing wrong just not my style. Only regret after taking the photos and putting everything away, I found one item that i forgot to take out from one of the pockets (one of the more pricey things that I carry around too) but oh well,

What's in the bag:

Bag: Energie Gold label                    
Coin purse: D&G                               
Wallet: Louis Vuitton                          
My temporary personal cards held by a vintage money clip            
My tiny notebook                               
Glasses: Anglo American                   
Heartbeats by Gaga in black
Caramel apple lollipop
Sunglasses: Armani Exchange
Phone: Iphone 4
Nivea lipcare stick
Keys; Keychain: Tumi
Not pictured: Canon Powershot Camera, and my Montblanc pen :/

and that's what's in my bag, most of the time. Happy Friday Everyone.

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Nice contents! Found you on IFB and I'm now following! Nice blog!

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