Saturday, October 16, 2010

JS gave me wings - Jeremy Scott for Adidas Originals fall/winter 2010

Jeremy Scott

I know I have been featuring high fashion ever since I started blogging, which I love but at the same time I am a sneaker head as well. One of the good things about Kanye West (pre-being an asshole) is that, in recent history, he managed to bridge the gap of high fashion and urban street wear fashion. Which is awesome. Somebody recently asked me if I dress dapper all the time, the answer? Dapper, no Urban defo yes. Atleast I try to but I like being comfortable too. I love limited edition sneakers, of course the more rare the BETTER! Its been more than ever that high fashion houses had been doing some collaboration with sneaker companies to come out with really interesting shoes. Exhibit one, Jeremy Scott's colab with Adidas. Remaining true to his aesthetics, even though that the color scheme was clearly more subdued this season, it is unmistakably loud. The wings are not a new addition which already comes in gold, white, black and the multi-hue but for the fall/winter line up, the glow in the darks and reflectives are added and of course the clear one (which looks great on the shelf and should remain there). The remixed JS wings where the wings are not detachable but part of the shoe ala Mercury's ankle/sandals that comes in marble also makes an appearance. The 3 tongues are also coming back as well. So, Am I gonna rock out these outfits, probably not but I am in love with the gray reflective.

LOVE THIS . . . 

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