Sunday, October 3, 2010

Local Designer Spotlight: Dcepcion

I read an article about the fashion scene in the bay area and it was quite disturbing actually. I mean do people still think that the bay area, specifically San Francisco is just a bunch of hippies? Sure maybe there is still that group, but I think that SF fashion has been growing steadily not quite as big as New York and I am really not sure if it will ever get to that level (who knows really) but its here and its pretty amazing.
For this week, I'm featuring our very own twin designers Daniel and David Concepcion for their brand Dcepcion. I really like their design aesthetic. Edgy but not unwearable. They usually make one of a kind pieces, a plus for fashionistos and fashionistas alike. The duo has been showing their collections at a number of fashion shows in the city for a number of years now. Below are some of their collections from their fashion show a few years back to the most recent Black V event. I like the charcoal bermuda shorts and the asymmetrical cut and pleating on the black exo vest and surely be investing on them soon. You can purchase these pieces at their official Dcepcion store. I personally can not wait to what this wonder duo might bring in the future.

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