Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fashion Helps Out - Designers and Shoppers Do Their Part for Japan Relief

At around the time the tsunami warning was announced for San Francisco,  I was actually driving back to the city with my friend. I'll be honest, I was scared. It was said that it will hit the shores of California sometime around 8am. So when we got back to my friend's house I turned the TV on to watch the news and was almost in silent awe on the distraction that the earthquake and tsunami inflicted to Japan. The morning came, and I was thankful that they did not need to evacuate us. Almost two weeks had passed and the death toll is just heart breaking.
If I learned anything good from being in a Fraternity in college . . . or being human for that matter was Θηρόποεα Χείρ  which translates to "a helping hand." The whole world is now trying to reach out and doing their part to help out. The fashion community is doing its part as well. Here is a small list where fashionistos and fashionistas can do what they do best, shopping . . . but for a good cause.

The one that I personally supported are as follows:

Hanae Mori (which is my cologne right now): A portion of the proceeds from all the sales from their website will be donated to the American Red Cross. You can check out their website here.

Monocle Support Japan Bracelet that is for sale for 10 pounds (roughly $16) which all proceeds go to Civic Force. The bracelet is made from leather that was from the Miyagi region of Japan. You can buy this bracelet here.

Karmaloop's The Rising Sun Tshirt for $20 all proceeds will go to the American Red Cross. You can get the tee here.

If you think this way is too self centered for your liking, well there are a handful of other ways to help out. There is no right or wrong way to do this when the outcome will ultimately help our common cause.  What will be your next move?

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