Saturday, August 28, 2010

No Bueno

I love being a citizen of our beloved country but sometimes I feel so left behind. Most of the time I would like a piece from one of the big fashion houses and most of the time they wont have it available here in the US. I mean why? I know that European men are MORE fashionable than American men. But it baffles me that the selection offered to Americans are way limited. Just take it to consideration H&M I was quite excited when they came to our shores but guess what happened, the products' quality they sold here are not up to par to what they sold in the H&M stores in Europe. No Bueno.  I actually remember a few years ago that I wanted something from Vivienne Westwood and I had to call the flagship store in London to order the item eventhough they have an online store. No Beuno, no bueno at all. It was only recently that they made a US based online store.  Which brings me to a very interesting development for one of my favorite brands these days. On Sept 2nd Zara will be opening an online store but guess what? it wont be available to the US fans just yet, yep. Thankfully We have two stores in dt. From the looks of it, Zara's Autumn/Winter collection looks mighty fine.

Another Thing that I've been thinking was whether to purchase a classic Wingtip/Oxfords or maybe get a Modern twist of a classic shoe.
Classic Wingtip (Mcallister)

Modern Wingtip (Steve Madden)

I love that classic shoes are coming back to fashion. Even though in the Hipster world it never went out of style. Both shoes have their own charm. Nowadays both can be worn dressed up or dressed down but I think the only advantage with the Modern version is comfort since the inner lining is basically a sneaker. But I really love the sleek look of the classic, which comes with a price. New ones are quite pricey and a biotch to take care of and its really hard to find wingtips that are in good condition and knowing myself? I don't really have the time nor the patience to hunt for them. I think its obvious that I prefer the classics and everybody already knows that I always overdress anyway.

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