Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Conondrum that is Fall

Fall is almost here . . . or is it too soon? My last shopping trip attest to it. Stores are in full gear in showcasing their fall/winter fashions. I like that once again we will be able to wear coats and scarves. But it doesn't really matter for us, San Franciscans because more often than not our summers are almost non existent. Then again, I always feel silly wearing a trench for the fact that I live in California. MOST of the time it is not that cold to wear anything heavy at all.  On the same shopping trip I also found out that Energie has closed its doors. I know I haven't shopped there in a while, since i felt underwhelmed by their summer collection, I'm saddened. According to WWD Men's Collection, Camel is back hmm now where did I keep that Camel overcoat, it is time to unpack those fall clothes and say goodbye to our shorts and tissue paper thin shirts.

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